Nick Vujicic氏による講義の動画と音声練習指定箇所のスクリプトです。

You have a choice to either uplift somebody or put someone down. You either have the choice to step towards your goals and dreams or step away going into temporary things. You have a choice to either give up or keep going. Give up or get up. When you fail, try again. And again. And again.

I want you to close your eyes, please. If you don’t wanna close your eyes, that’s fine, just stare at the floor. Don’t talk to the person next to you, please. I wanna ask you. How are you? What heaviness are you carrying? What tears do you hold back? What pain ,what fears, are kept inside? You don’t have to hold on to these fears. You just take one step at a time. Not to say that these fears will completely disappear, but can you forgive those who hurt you? Because that’s when healing starts. Every time someone puts you down, will you make a decision to bring somebody else up? Picture yourself in an open area. There is no buildings and there is no shelter. And there is a storm above you. And this storm represents the situations in your life And you don’t tell anybody what you are going through because first of all, they wouldn’t understand. And second of all, they can’t even help you anyway. During the storm and you’re down on your knees, and you’re cold and you’re weak, and you feel like this is the end, are you not still here? You are still here. You don’t have to do this alone. You can talk to counselors. You can talk to people you trust. And you’re gonna talk to whoever you talk to, but I talk to Jesus. But hold on to that person who you think might help you. And imagine them right now saying that they can’t stop the storm right now, but they’ll hold you and keep you warm until the storm passes. Because when they hold you, the storm is still there, but it’s OK. Because they’re with you all the way.
Think of your friends. You look them in the eye, you know, maybe that then they are not really that happy. You go to parties, and you just look them in the eye, and you know that they are hurting as well. Everybody is trying to cover up. Can you lift somebody today? Make the choice today to do something good.