New Zealand 英語に興味がある方、以下を音読教材にしてみませんか?



Kia ora, and welcome aboard our Boeing 737-300. Shortly we’ll be winging our way to your next port of call. But before we lift off, we’d like to give you what we call the bare essentials of safety aboard this flight. Even if you fly with us quite a lot, we’d appreciate it if you’d take a second look. All baggage should be tucked away overhead. Or under the seat in front of you. We require all passengers to follow crew member instructions and lighted signs. If we happen to switch on the seat belt sign, please return to your seat and fasten your seat belt.

Not so tight as to lose the feeling in your legs, but enough to ensure that it’s snug, and it’s low across your hips. We recommend that you keep your seat belt fastened throughout the flight, but if you do need to get up, undo the seat belt by lifting the flap. If the oxygen mask does drop in front of you, don’t stop to ask why.

If the oxygen mask does drop in front of you, don’t stop to ask why, or if you can have one in another color. Simply pull down on the mask, place over your nose and mouth, and tighten by pulling on both sides of the elastic. If you’re seated with children, put on your own mask before helping with theirs. Don’t worry if the bag doesn’t inflate, oxygen will flow through it automatically.

If an emergency were to happen during takeoff or landing, brace yourself either on the seat in front of you or by placing your hands on your head with your elbows on the outside of your thighs and your feet flat on the floor. Coincidentally, this is the perfect place to find your life jacket

Life jackets are easy to put on while seated. All you need to do is remove it from the pouch. Put it over your head, clip the straps together, and pull it tight like this. This red tab inflates the jacket, so don’t pull it until you’re leaving the aircraft. If it doesn’t inflate enough you can blow into the mouthpiece. And we’ll be on hand to provide life jackets for babies if needed.

If you find yourself wanting to smoke while on board, sorry but you’re plumb out of luck. Yep, smoking anywhere on the plane is a big no-no, as it’s a hazard.

It’s good to know that if you do need to find your way out, even in the dark, there’s floor strip lighting that will lead you to the exit. Your crew are now pointing out your exits. It would pay to know your nearest exit could be behind you, so have a quick look and count the number of rows to the exit. You’ll find more information on the safety card in your seat pocket.

Portable electronic devices such as mobile phones can interfere with our navigation systems and mustn't be used in flight at any time unless you’ve switched it on to flight mode.

Finally, during takeoff and landing, we ask that you pop your tray table back, make sure your seat upright, armrest down, and fasten your seat belt.

It’s a pleasure having you all on board today, so please sit back, relax, and enjoy our great Kiwi service. From the airline whose fares have nothing to hide, kia ora, and have a great flight.