MBAのトップスクール(M7+LBS+INSEAD)への出願をお考えの方を対象にした、出願エッセイの書き方のついてのセミナーを実施します。担当講師は、MBA出願支援業界の重鎮Adam Markus氏です。

【Adam Markus & Affinity英語学院共催: 8/11 (土)】


8月11日 (土)にAdam Markus氏によるMBA出願対策セミナー(MBA Essay Question Analysis) を実施します。

Adam Markus氏は出願カウンセリング業界の重鎮であり、豊富な経験と情報に基づいた的確な指導をしてくださる方です。私(飯島哲也)は、Adamと出願準備をされている方のテスト支援に安心感を覚えます。つまり、英語やテストの支援さえしておけば、出願関連の作業はAdamと一緒にしっかり進行するだろうという安心感をもつことができるのです。



The objective of this presentation is to help you better understand MBA Admission Essay Questions in order to write effective essays and gain admission. While examples will be drawn from the M7+INSEAD+LBS, the objective of this presentation is that you learn how to effectively analyze the essay questions for any school.

Part 1: What is an Essay Question? Isn’t an essay question just one the school defines as an essay? Well, actually no. This might seem like a strange conclusion but given that some applications include video essays and very extensive application form content, the answer is less obvious. For our purposes an essay will be considered any application component except the resume, which is prepared by the applicant, and requires an interpretive and not just fact-based answer. Such an inclusive definition is useful when things like video essays and extended application form content are used instead of and/or in addition to essays.

Part 2: Primary Types of Essay Questions. In this section we will look at the types of essay questions using actual examples. Types covered will include goals, accomplishment, failure, leadership, personality, and contribution. The objective will be for you to understand how to identify and address a range of questions.

Part 3: The Essay Set. In this section we will see how an entire set of questions connects together to understand that that an essay component never is isolated but always part of a bigger whole. We will compare two different essay sets. The objective will be for you to understand how to build a complete portrait of yourself that is focused on what each school is looking for.

Part 4: Trends in Essay Questions for 2018-2019. In this section we will look at the current trends. In particular we will look at video essays and shorter essay sets. The objective will be for you to know how to handle these trends effectively.

Part 5: Questions. I want to leave plenty of time for questions, so please be ready to ask questions related to the above, your individual concerns, or essay questions that I will not have covered.

■ 受講料 16,000円(税込、教材費込) :入学金は不要です。

■ 担当 Adam Markus (Graduate Admissions Consultant)

■ 日程 2018年8月11日(土・祝)16:00-18:00

■ 定員16名(最少催行人数6名)

■ 会場 Affinity英語学院

■ お申込み